Hi there ! I'm Ellen, also known as Thrift Store Mama. Some people call me Mrs. Quimby, since I use pseudonyms for my daughters, Beezus age 7 and Ramona age 5.

I'm a part-time SAHM and a part-time lobbyist and administrator, part-time ESL teacher, part-time volunteer, part-time community activist, former University administrator and full-time Catholic.

I've been married to Mr. Quimby for over 17 years and until 6 months ago, I lived in the Washington, DC area for 22 years. Then, a little over a year ago, Mr. Quimby and I decided we needed a life change so we started researching ways to move our family.  Here we are now, in the Denver suburbs with our children and our DC based jobs.

I try (oh my Lordy, I try) to stay focused on living simply, eating well and exercising, and not yelling at my husband or kids. I'm fairly organized around the house, but still feel like it's a challenge almost every day to stay on top of the domestic chores associated with running a household.

I blog semi-anonymously (meaning the entire world can read my blog but I'd rather some family and the moms in the neighborhood not find me), so if you know me in real life please say "Hey" but don't tell the neighbors, okay ?


Rushd Lady said...

Nice to meet you via blogspot! I'm a mama too who LOVES thrifting! I'm bloghopping sorta,from link to link, so I'm inviting you to hop on over and see my blogs -- I have four! Have a great day!

Erica @ Thrift Flipper said...

Hello! I found you yesterday via Twitter, and I've been poking around the blog today. I love it! We have a lot in common: Catholic, mom, thrifter, and (former) ESL teacher. Looking forward to following along. Have a happy Sunday!

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