Monday, July 2, 2018

Visiting and Touring Cities as a Family with Kids

Our family travels so often to other cities for 2-3-4 days at a time that we've developed a nice little system. Here's how we plan:

  1. Order a paper map of the city.
  2. Do some preliminary research on the city.  Identify one major landmark/activity per day that we are there. Plot those major activities on a map. Look at their website for unique events or weird closing times.
  3. Identify supplemental activities in the same part of the city as the major activity.
  4. Sketch out a rough itinerary.
  5. Find possible lunch/dinner options for each day.  Use Yelp to find fast casual options in the same area where our activities are that day. Remember that we like to sit down for lunch if possible to rest. A fancy dinner or evening activity would make a cheaper stand up lunch okay though.
  6. Remember that we get TOO tired if we start early and end late.  So if we are doing an evening activity, then plan for a later start in the morning.
  7. Finalize itinerary, order tickets in advance wherever possible. Consider whether public transportation is more trouble than it's worth.  We've often found that we can use a ride share service like Uber/Lyft for the same cost as 4 of us on public transportation, but of course time and traffic are a consideration.

This system has generally served us well whether it's Seattle or Paris, NYC or Aspen. Happy family friendly travel planning!

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