Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Slowing Down

Wow ... you want to have a profound experience?  Try realizing that all your calendars aren't syncing on the same day that you stumble across your old blog.  What incredible perspective to realize how far I have come and how the issues I work on today are largely the same as years ago.

It's been a season of self reflection and self work here at the TSM house.  Ramona is now 10 (and Beezus is 12) and Ramona and I both have these great big hearts that make it so challenging to live in this world. Mr. Q continues to be a rock star in my book and one of the hardest working men I know.  With our busy work and volunteering schedules, we have set aside 45 minutes every week to just talk.  It's been incredibly life giving to our relationship. Beezus has transitioned so nicely and easily to middle school.  Only a couple hiccups and she is figuring out how she handles her hiccups.  She often has a minor, brief temper tantrum and then carries on. 

After 5 weeks of a supremely busy travel time for Mr.Q, for me, and for our family, life is very slow with only some family travel for the next couple months.  My goal during this time is to also slow down - when I feel like speeding up, that is the time I most need to slow down.

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What a pleasant surprise to see this pop up!

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