Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Make new friends ... Or not

Since were still relatively new (almost 23 months since we moved) I spend a fair amount of time nurturing new friendships and thinking about how to begin other ones. For the most part, it's just a matter of being committed to making the time. Texting back-and-forth with another mom trying to work out a time to meet with or without kids while taking into account all the other commitments that life holds.  Whether it's spontaneous or planned, it still requires me to put myself out there and although it's still a little uncomfortable at times I've gotten used to it.

Generally speaking, full-time stay-at-home moms I invite over for coffee after the kids are in school, and full-time working moms so I invite to get together on a late Saturday afternoon at the playground for a family play date.

But there's one mom that I just cannot reach, and that's the mom who refuses to ever leave her kids.  We've had several family play dates with the kids, and I'd love the chance to delve into deeper conversation with her. The kind of conversation that's difficult to do when your little darlings are always within earshot.

This woman seems to literally, never, ever leave her kids.  She home schools, her kids don't go to day camps in the summer, and although her kids have several activities she stays in the waiting area during them.  Evenings are family time as are weekends.  

After several emails back-and-forth a couple weeks ago trying to find some mom only time to meet up, I just gave up.

Perhaps that day will come one day, but for now I'll just invite her to meet up at the playground again.

Or maybe she's just not that into me!


Unknown said...

Weird homeschooling mothers . . . :)

Love and miss you! - H.

Peg said...

I think making friends (real friends) in a new place would be the hardest thing to do. It took me years to establish friendships in our neighborhood--hard part being that our kids don't go to the local public school. Good luck and glad to hear from you :)

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