Thursday, July 2, 2015

Disney Pixar's Inside Out

For Father's Day, Mr. Quimby requested a few hours of peace and quiet to watch the U.S. Open, so I took the girls to the movies to see Disney Pixar's Inside Out.

It was a beautifully sweet movie that chronicled the journey of Riley, a ten-year old girl who moved from her home in Minnesota to San Francisco, and all of the emotions and experiences that go along with such a big move.

We did our big move when Beezus and Ramona were almost 6 and 8 and I honestly don't think the move affected them much - they weren't really that sad to leave their friends, just our house and my sister. It was my and Mr. Quimby's adjustment to the movie that affected them more than anything!  The movie hit me hard, but not in the most obvious way.

But oh my goodness, this movie had so many amazing moments: how core memories influenced personality development, the abyss of the memory dump, how the emotions of sadness and fear could spur action in a way that joy couldn't.  I particularly loved the moment when the parents displayed such empathy for Riley and her sadness that the core memory changed from one of only sadness to one of sadness mixed with joy.

I have a core memory just like that: I got in trouble once at school and was crying when I told my mom.  I expected her to be mad and was so surprised when she hugged me and cried with me.  I also loved thinking about my other core memories that shaped my personality: reciting a prayer in church as a very young child and seeing the look of delight on my mother's face; the feeling of belonging I got from being an altar server at mass and how my Dad would often take me to the early mass by myself; my first meeting at the Youth Legislature meeting when I was in 8th grade and the power I felt when I made a statement in an assertive voice; babysitting for ALL those children over the years and how good it felt that the parents trusted me.  It's pretty easy to see how those core memories shaped my personality!

Watching the movie together gave the girls and I a common language to share when talking about emotion.  When Beezus was nervous about a swim meet recently and I was trying to talk her down, I told her that the emotion fear was in control right then.  I suggested that she let fear stay, but make it move over a little bit and share the space with joy because that's what she'll feel at the end of the race. It made sense to her.

The girls rolled their eyes at me when I asked them what their core memories were, but I'm still planning to buy the DVD and I hope that the girls will sit and watch it with me as the years go by.

A selfie on a lovely shady bench after the movie while waiting for pizza.

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