Thursday, June 11, 2015


We are on a little family vacay in Hawaii this week - we needed this time together.  As always, Mr. Quimby has a meeting and it's all too easy to take the rest of us along for the ride.

It's so easy traveling with these big kids, at almost 8 and almost 10 years old.  They are confident travelers, well behaved and as flexible as their rigid upbringing allows them to be.  We have a nice rhythm with our family trips now which is made even better by the work I've done on myself the past year that allows me to be more easy going.  The only thing that gives me anxiety is dinner-time; they do fine with breakfast and lunch but they are not adventurous or flexible eaters so even favorite foods prepared in a different way are unacceptable to them.

I said above that "we needed this time together" but really, I needed this time with them.  I've been traveling a lot for work the past four weeks and I'm feeling disconnected from them.  When I'm gone, they just seem to carry on without me and I have to be reabsorbed when I return.  Departing just two days after my most recent return puts us all on equal footing again.

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