Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rocked It

I am rocking it at work these days.  Little bits of travel, budgeting, meeting planning; lots of regulatory work and lots of e-mail.  I had time while at a conference on Sunday-Monday to delete almost 700 e-mails.  It was amazing to help me remember little things that I haven't done yet and give me clarity about priorities in the next six months.  I've been working on not procrastinating on the tasks I don't want to do and the peace of mind is so worth it.

I'm working specifically on a regulatory issue right now that just happens to be in Denver.  My clients are the opponents and I've joked that I should consider sending a thank you note to the proponents because it was very thoughtful of them to base their first municipal test case in Denver.  I've already led the defeat of these proponents on the national stage at 6 different times over the past three years, so I'm relatively confident.  BUT, municipal politics is very different so I'm definitely not cocky.

I was in my element today - building a coalition via phone and e-mail among organizations that should oppose the proposed regulatory change.  Out of 4 other groups, I got an enthusiastic response from 2, a tepid response from 1, and no answer from the 4th.  I was pretty pleased with that response.

I was exhausted and wound tightly by the time I left work and the coming down process from 6 hours of adrenaline was rough - really rough.  I've gotten teary several times this evening, picked a bit of an argument with Mr. Quimby, and felt on edge with the girls.  I wish I had figured out before now what the issue was, but at least I now know so that I can manage it better in the future.

I've also sold several smaller things in the past 24 hours on some online facebook selling groups for my area.  The money I've made has been a pittance, but it has been awesome to get these things out of my house!!!  One very young mother came over to pick something up that I sold for $5 (should have asked $50, I got a lot of interest) and she was oohing and aahing over the living room and how clean and pretty it was.  I felt awkward and responded that with kids who are 7 and 9, it's a whole different ballgame now and I related the story of when I had an infant and a toddler and at one point I didn't see the surface of my dining room table for 8 months.

It's funny how I put these two things in the same post - as different as they are, they both made me happy today.

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