Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rocked It - Part 2

The big hearing that I've been working on was this past Friday.  The committee voted in "my" favor by a unanimous vote of 14-0.  It was great to win again, and frankly I hope the competing organization keeps bringing this issue to different venues because it creates excellent job security.

I was so nervous leading up to it - but I'm not ashamed to ask for help, which I did via facebook and directly to a dear friend/colleague and my boss and it was awesome to go into it with their words of encouragement behind me.

I made some great new contacts in the process and feel like this win on a local level positioned me well should I ever want to take on more clients or even take a new job.

I drove home feeling like I was on such a high - I had texted ahead to Mr. Quimby and the girls and they were happy for me.  We celebrated for a little bit and then it all fell apart.  Not enough ice cream to go around, and two tired girls, and some crankiness in the house for an unknown reason made for a perfect storm.  My high plummeted and I was angry and sad that my joy had been taken from me.  But I held myself together, yelled once, pulled myself back together and just got through the evening.

It was ironic that on a day of such professional success, life at home was topsy-turvy for a few hours.  But it didn't mean anything - it didn't mean that I had been neglecting my home or my family.  It didn't mean that I needed to quit my job so that I could be home more and control everything.  It simply meant that sometimes people have successes at work and sometimes people have trouble at home and sometimes they happen to occur on the same day.

I felt proud of myself for that realization, even though it took me another day to realize that.  Stuff just happens sometimes.

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