Tuesday, December 9, 2014


A canceled religion class and no friends around to play resulted in a LOVELY unexpected afternoon at home today for me and the girls.

I halfheartedly worked and putzed around the house and for the most part tried to leave them to their own devices, but took frequent breaks to answer a homework question here or there or remind them that they might want to have a snack before they got hangry.

They absolutely refused to go outside, so they stayed in and played pretend and "snuck" an extra 20 minutes on the iPad.

This was in marked contrast to yesterday evening when Ramona and I got into a power play.  She wanted help with her writing homework but was frustrated and was taking it out on me.  After several episodes, I had reached my limit and stormed off while yelling that I wasn't going to help people who kept yelling at me.  She came to me a few minutes later asking for help as if nothing had just transpired.  80-90% of the time I can keep my cool while my they are spiraling up, but that other 10-20% eludes me.

I'm left with two thoughts: Ramona carries absolutely no grudge for when I yelled at her yesterday evening; that sort of unconditional love and forgiveness is just amazing.  Although the girls have very few activities right now and lots of opportunities for unscheduled time on a regular basis, it's still such a gift to have an unexpected afternoon off.

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