Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1st

Well, here we are. Another November 1, another opportunity to blog every day through participation in National Blog Posting Month, affectionately referred to as NaBloPoMo.

It's been almost a year since I have written regularly, and as always there are a variety of reasons that bloggers give for not blogging. Chief among them for me is that I have had a lot going on in my head and I really did not want the opportunity to be introspective.  Although I enjoy writing a fluffy blog post as much as the next person, I also like to think more deeply and write more deeply at times.  

Frankly, I felt writing about other fluffy things would've been dishonest since it wouldn't have shown the turmoil in my head; but I've been doing some work on myself recently and I think I'm ready to blog again.

I'm looking forward to spending time in this space.  Part of the work I've been doing has been to look back at times in my life where I felt the way that I want to feel now: calm, strong, self-assured, hopeful.  I know I've felt that way before, I remember it vaguely.  Going back through the archives has helped remind me of when that was.  Although a couple close friends did laugh (and I joined in) when I said that I used to be calmer and more mellow than I am now - perhaps that's wishful thinking on my part!

See you tomorrow friends.


Rachel et Natalie said...

happy to have you back this month

Marya said...

So glad we are coming together again in November!

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