Friday, November 7, 2014

Another First: Kids Nite Out

I've said several times in this space that I get excited about the "other" milestones.  Sure, first steps and first words are a big deal but I get more excited about milestones that indicate developing independence: putting on a coat, riding a bike, doing up buttons, and in this case, participating in a "big kid" activity sans parents.

The area where we live in Colorado is called Broomfield.  It is essentially a suburb of Denver but is large enough to be it's own joint city/county - when you call city hall they answer the phone "City and County of Broomfield, how may I help you?" so I guess that makes it official.  It seems to be the perfect size municipality - big enough to offer an amazing parks and recreation department, a very good support program for seniors and adults with disabilities, and a workforce development program; but still small enough that it's likely that you might be in a club or on a team with someone who lives on the other side of town.  Not a week goes by that I don't think to myself how grateful I am that we wound up in Broomfield.

One of the programs that Parks & Rec offers is a Kids Nite Out on Friday nights from 7pm-10:30pm at one of the Rec Centers.  No adults allowed other than the staff and the ages are limited for kids aged 7 - 13 years.  The kids have pretty much free reign of the Rec Center and one of the aerobics studios is turned into a dance floor (I am so jealous!).  We've seen the signs at the Rec Center and I mentioned it half-heartedly a couple times to the girls, but I wasn't sure that they were ready and Beezus seemed nervous about being there without us.

Finally, Beezus' two good friends have been a couple times and invited her to go with them tonight.  Although she has been hesitant when I've mentioned it, she said yes immediately to them.  I was sort of nervous about her hanging around with 12 and 13 year olds without supervision but then I checked myself. There was supervision there, just not from me.  So Beezus and I had a quick reminder chat about what to do if another kid was bothering her or if other kids were misbehaving.  Many of the opportunities that other children have to do things semi-independently (like Girl Scout camp) my girls don't get the chance to do since I am always there!

She was so excited as we were preparing to go.  I was tickled that she didn't seem nervous as new things are often difficult for our family.  We had to do a little fibbing to Ramona because she wasn't going, but it wasn't too bad.   She had such a good time and I think this is going to be a semi-regular Friday night activity for her.

Beezus at a park in a different city nearby.  Those aren't mountains in the background, it's a big hill on the prairie.

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Marya said...

Love that Beezus got to do this.

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