Monday, February 3, 2014

Little niceties

I had a wonderful visit recently with a dear friend in NYC.  As we spent the afternoon lunching and browsing in shops (like proper girlfriends should!) I bought myself some lovely little soaps.  When I got home I was surprised to open a (yet another damn moving) box and find my grandmother's vintage soap dish and cup.  My lovely little soap looks perfect in her dish and is an ever present reminder of her and the beauty of simple things.  I also love the contrast of the fragility of vintage porcelain and the old-fashioned rose print against the hard brown granite countertop so popular in present day.  That reminds of how I feel on the inside and the front I must put in to confront the world.


Laura said... dear, I think you got a lot of granite on the inside! And those beautiful flowers are your shining smile for the rest of us to see. :)

aspiegurl said...

I got here through Stimeyland

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