Sunday, November 3, 2013


Had a really bad wipeout while riding a scooter today.  Knocked the wind out of me and banged up an elbow and knee pretty bad.  Two cars stopped to help me while I was laying on the street.

It was amazing that I didn't hit my head and I wasn't wearing a helmet.  I will never  ever ride a bike or a scooter again without wearing a helmet.  I may not get another chance.  I cried about 30 minutes later thinking how terrible it would have been if I had hit my head on the pavement.

The really creepy thing is about 3 seconds before I hit the rock that caused the wipeout, I had a premonition of falling and thought to myself "who would I call if I fell and hurt myself" ?  I glanced up the street to look for big cracks and that's when I hit the rock.

Lesson learned.  I will always wear a helmet from now on.


Anonymous said...

That is awful! I hope you recover fully.

Good reminder -- I have been riding a bike to and from the metro at work, without a helmet. No more.

Love and miss you guys -- H.

mom said...

Ay amiga! Get better soon!

Peg said...

ouch! Hope you're feeling better

AwwwTrouble said...

OUCH! Hope you did not fin any additional stiffness the next day!

Laurie said...

Ouch! Glad you're ok!

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