Monday, November 11, 2013

Pool Organization

I'm always trying to think of ways to increase independence for Beezus and Ramona.  When they were little, it was putting hooks at their height so that they could put away their own coats.  When they got older, it was making a pictorial list of the personal hygiene and grooming things they needed to do each morning and evening, and taping that list to the mirror.

Now at 6 and 8 they are swimming at least once a week and often twice.  One of those days usually involves me swimming with them, but the other is often a work day and I'm in my work clothes.  I wanted them to be able to independently shower after the pool not only because it was incredibly frustrating to try and help them shower when I was in my work clothes, but I also figured that at some point they will be going to the pool with friends.

As with many of my organizational systems (or systems for things that increase independence) the initial effort takes up time.  In this case, I collected bottles for regular shampoo, chlorine removal shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a comb.  I numbered them so that they use them in the proper order and collected them all in a bag that one of them is responsible for carrying to the pool.  I've taught them to take them all out of the bag before they shower and to not put them back into the bag until they've dried them off.  Unfortunately, I didn't tell them to put the lids back on (I really thought that was self-explanatory).

And, I'm going to be completely honest here - it was also another great reason to use the new labelmaker that I bought myself for my birthday !!!


Unknown said...

such a cute idea. funny about the lids, I would have imagine that they would know to do that but proves how much kids have to learn sometimes!

Elaine said...

Thanks for the laugh, TSM. This is so you.

Silvia said...

great idea to put numbers on each bottle!

Fiona said...

VERY cool idea!

Rachel et Natalie said...

oh well, at least they brought back the bottles (LOL)

Ryaanne said...

I have label maker envy.

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