Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our new hangout: the Rec Center

We have become one of those families who hang out at our local rec center.

I'm there three times a week to meet with a personal trainer or attend an exercise class.

The girls are there once a week for swimming, once or twice for rock climbing, and starting next week they will also be going on Saturdays for gymnastics.

Mr. Quimby is there once a week for his parent-child rock climbing class and rides his bike past there another 3-4 times a week and uses the outdoor bike trails.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the indoor play space for Ramona (limited to 7 and under) and the game room with free air hockey and video games.

Easy access to one of the fabulous rec centers was pretty far down on the list of priorities, but wow - what a difference it makes in our quality of life.  Oh, and the cost for such access ?  $66 per month for our family of four; fees for swimming, gymnastics, and personal training are extra but still pretty cheap compared to "back East."  My A.C.E. certified trainer is $35/hour!!!

Exterior shot of our Rec Center
Interior shot - the atrium

Indoor waterpark - there's also a 4 lane lap pool to the left.

My group fitness class on Halloween - we had to work out with a pumpkin !

View that Mr. Quimby sees when he rides his bike.


Maud said...

Oh. Wow.

How wonderful for you all!

Herself said...


Rachel et Natalie said...

ok we are all moving there!

Laurie said...

The rec centers there are fabulous! We hang out in them too when we visit. So awesome.

Ryaanne said...

Jealous and happy for you!

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