Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My favorite "room" : the laundry folding nook

Our new house in Colorado is about as different as can be from the character filled older homes where I've lived since I was 22.  I could write an entire series of posts on that !

But one thing I'm not knocking about the new house is the laundry folding nook.  I suppose it's officially called a landing for its at the top of the stairs and is right outside our bedroom.  It's just the right size for our old kitchen table and a few baskets on the floor.  Our machines are in the mudroom between the garage and the family room and there's really no room to fold there, but that's okay because I like this much better !

Mr. Quincy does about 75% of the laundry, folds it, and delivers it to the "folding nook."  It seems like a small thing but its enabled us to stay on top of the laundry in a way we've never been able to do!

How the nook looks after a few days.  Throughout the week Mr. Q piles clean laundry there and dirty clothes go in the big tote (it doesn't normally block the door to our room though).

Step 1: Once or twice a week, I sort the dirty laundry into three piles: lights/whites, reds, and darks.  (The girls will soon start sorting their own laundry).  I then sort the clean clothes by person, putting mine and Mr. Quimby's into our room.  Then I sort Beezus' and Ramona's clothes.  The reason the clean clothes don't go directly into their drawer is because Mr. Quincy doesn't want to do that and I may not be ready when the clean clothes are, I find it faster to sort and then put away in the drawers rather than sorting as I put them away, and because the girls generally wear "outfits" of a specific top and bottom that go together and I like to fold them together.  When they get dressed they just pull out one "bundle" rather than having to make two separate decisions.

Step 2: I'm about 2/3 of the way done here.  All of the pajamas, socks, and underwear are put away for both girls.  I've also folded Ramona's clothes in to bundles with the exception of a couple pairs of leggings and a few shirts that I'm waiting for the matching pieces that are currently in the dirty laundry.  

Normally this process takes me about 30 minutes twice a week.  I do it after the girls are in bed and I find it soothing and relaxing.  This week it's taken a little longer because I'm sorting for size, packing away summer clothes and switching out the short sleeve shirt/leggings combos for long sleeve shirts/leggings combos.

Underneath the table is a basket for the consignment store and a basket for clothes that need to be sorted in to bins for seasonal storage for someone to wear next spring.

What I also like about this is that it's handy and out in the open but usually can't be seen unless I'm actually at the top of the stairs.  I've joked that if our house was ever on a "parade of homes" type tour I would pack it away but otherwise it's tucked away and can't be seen by guests.


Fiona said...

Love it! Perfect set-up to make sure it gets done each time.

Herself said...

I try to put stuff away in 'sets' as well so they're naturally pulled out together but sometimes it goes awry. The kid has been wearing odd pajamas for the past week now (who sees it?)and you should have seen his get up this morning!Plaid pants and a bright tie dye t-shirt. Even himself came in and wondered if we should let him go out in it. It was hard but I let him out the door looking like a clown.

AwwwTrouble said...

Love seeing pics of the house. I'd love a little book nook, myself. Or in the fantasy life I live a sewing nook (ha). Right now I need an ironing nook. Because we have no place to iron, I do not iron. Or at least that's my current reason.

Rachel et Natalie said...

looks like a good routine. A man who does 75% of the laundry, oh I wish.... OK I am not complaining, Yossi does the grocery shopping and that helps too.

Ryaanne said...

LOVE. I need a laundry folding nook!

Becky said...

I am so jealous of your laundry area! I have no such thing my laundry room has no where for clean clothes. Also, I hate putting away laundry.

Laurie said...

It's so much easier to keep up with the laundry when it's near the bedrooms I think. I like the basket under the table for stuff that needs to move on.

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