Friday, November 1, 2013


It was a bittersweet Halloween this year.

I missed my friends in our old neighborhood.  Missed knowing darn near every single adult and kid that came to our door.  I really missed seeing the children that I've seen grow up on our street.

But I knew several of the children that came to our new door.  Beezus and Ramona were delighted to see some classmates on our doorstep when they came in for a break.  I enjoyed seeing the middle schoolers in full costume and with their impeccable manners.

We had some lovely Halloween festivities - a Family Halloween Dance and Party at the elementary school where all 4 of us dressed in costumes, a trip to the Colorado Symphony at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts to hear a family concert of spooky and suspenseful music, trips to two Pumpkin patches, and an easy night of trick or treating in our neighborhood where all the house are set close to the street and close to each other.

I even enjoyed my ritual of a glass of wine as I ate some candy and answered the door.

As I often find these days, as much as I love it here the loss of the familiar is still hard for me to get used to.

Denver Center for the Performing Arts in the background
The Colorado Symphony - all of the musicians were in costume, including the conductor.

Daytime Halloween outfits for school.
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The Mommy Witch, Saige the American Girl Doll, and our little puppy dog.


mom said...

I miss you too! It looks like it was a nice halloween! Besitos

Herself said...

Much love. Looking forward to sharing November with you again this year.

Marya said...

We all missed you at MNO and talked about how much we loved the tradition November is to all of us. Be kind to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yep, everyone misses you! And we all thinking about you and the kids and Mr. Q often. :) Love, H.

Laura said...

All these "firsts" ahead of you, "first Halloween, first Thanksgiving, Christmas," etc. Next year, it will feel more easy and more familiar. I am there now, looking forward to our second Thanksgiving in our house with many friends who were new last year, but begging to be invited again this will be good. You'll get there too. Hugs :)

Laurie said...

Another milestone. I'm glad you found some fun new traditions. Also, very impressed with the Saige costume. Clever.

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