Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another Foray Downtown

... to see the Book of Mormon for our  Denver date night!

Theater tickets are one of the many things that are cheaper here, so we'll be getting a subscription to the Broadway series at the Performing Arts Center.

This date night also included buying a new couch and dinner at Wendy's.  Afterwards we had a drink and dessert at the adjacent lounge while we waited for the parking garage to clear out.  I had a pear martini and cheese plate that was delish, and Mr. Q had sorbet.

Also, it was nice to have a fun evening out with Mr. Quimby - I liked the show, but some of the humor was too crass for me.  Mr. Quimby LOVES South Park so he laughed throughout the whole show.  I've dragged him to MANY performances over the years, including a play without words.  It's been rare that there's been a show that he enjoyed more than I did (only Tommy comes to mind) so it was good to hear him laugh out loud.

I'm trying to keep three sitters in regular rotation so that we have options for the inevitable time when there's an emergency or when we need coverage - but in order to keep them in rotation, we need to go out more.

Fine with me !


Laurie said...

Loved Book of Mormon!!! Hope you enjoyed it.

Herself said...

Looking good!

Ryaanne said...

You look great! I haven't seen the Book of Mormon yet but I would really like to.

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