Friday, November 15, 2013

A Day In the Life

Before we left the DC area, I really wanted to do a photo book for the girls of "A Week in the Life" of their time while living there.  Of course, I never got around to it, although it's on my January project list.

But I thought it might be neat to record a day in my life - so here is today, Friday.

Mr. Quimby out of town, so...

Wake up at 6:30pm.
Go immediately downstairs without getting dressed (this will be important later).
Prep girls breakfast and lunch.
Get girls out the door to school at 7:30am (they like to be the first ones in line).

Intention is to sit down to check a few quick e-mails, then run an errand, then head to the office for 4 hours. Instead ...

7:45am - Sit down to check e-mails.  Major issue at work and I am on the computer for the next 2 hours.

9:30am - Coffee break and do some online shopping for winter gear for the girls and comforter for guest room.  Read/send personal e-mails.

10am - Back to work, talk to boss.  Realize I am not going to make it to the office and still have time to finish work that day before going to girls school at 1:45 to help in Ramona's classroom.

12:45pm - Keep working.  Boss calls again while he is driving and we have almost the exact same conversation we had earlier in the morning.

1:30pmish - Get a bulk of work done and decide to chat with a friend while having a late lunch.  I text her to see if she can talk in 10 minutes, she says yes, and when I look down at my phone to set the timer, I realize that I'm supposed to be at school in 5 minutes.

Text friend back to cancel, race upstairs to get dressed, hustle over to school making it there in time.

1:45pm - For the next 45 minutes, I help in Ramona's classroom stuffing the Friday folders for the kids to take home.

2:30pm - Girls leave school, play outside for a few minutes, come inside the house where Beezus has a melt-down due to post-school slump.  Send her to her room with a packet of fruit snacks.  Ramona uses the phone to call my mom to harass her about sending box tops.

Since Friday is generally a working day for me (Mr. Quimby usually handles the girls on Friday afternoons), I simultaneously do some work while supervising snack and homework (what little there is on a Friday).

3:30pm - There are approximately 9 children from 5 families (including ours) playing in the house and yard.  I take a break when my 3 year old neighbor comes over to play.  Friends are no longer allowed upstairs after an EPIC mess a few weeks ago, but the 3 year old neighbor is still allowed upstairs because she doesn't actually play with anything she just wanders around looking at stuff!  She is so sweet and I love it when she comes over.

5pm - All the kids are picked up and I finish up a letter that needs to be submitted to an office on the West Coast by 5pm Pacific Time.

5:30pm - Help Ramona fix dinner (leftovers consisting of pasta, meat sauce, meatballs, and a small frozen pizza).  I decide it's okay to skip vegetables.

6:00pm - Convince girls to help tidy up the house.  Beezus does the bulk of the work and gets a reward.

7:00pm - Mr. Quimby arrives home and I head out to run the errands I never got to that morning.

9:15pm - Arrive home, snuggle with Mr. Quimby on our new very, very comfy couch and have a glass of prosecco.

Whew !  I'm glad I don't normally work from home while being the primary parent on duty - that is really, really hard to do.


Ryaanne said...

It sounds like you made it through the day with flying colors!

Ryaanne said...

PS - I really like this idea. I may steal it for a post of my own.

Rachel et Natalie said...

doesn't sound too bad. You made it

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