Tuesday, October 15, 2013



That's how I feel these days.

Just eh.

I made it through three weeks that each had a work travel trip in there.  That was hard - really, really hard. But I did it and got through it and my life (and the girls) should be mostly predictable for the next 8 weeks which I am really looking forward to.  Mr. Quimby still has his own work travel, of course, but I'm trying to structure our family rhythm so that the effect of one of us traveling is as minimal as is possible - I should really write a future blog post on that.

But now I'm experiencing that slump that inevitably comes for me after a long period of busy-ness.  It's an odd sort of thing - you think it would be the opposite - but instead I wander around knowing that there are 17 things to do but not really sure where to start.

Today, I've taken some action.  I've devised a strategy for unpacking the house - I've called three cleaning people to see if they are interested in working with me to unpack.  Yes, I am paying people to help me unpack and organize my own house.  Judge if you will, I don't care.  I like putting money into the local economy and I can't seem to find time to get it done on my own.

I've contacted the head of fitness classes and personal training for our city.  I'm meeting with her tomorrow and she's going to help me put a plan together.  It's not what she normally does (she supervises the staff who normally do it) but I met her one day at the Rec Center and liked her so I decided to call and ask to meet with her.  She knows ALL the instructors and ALL the classes, so I think she's a good place to start.

The girls have too much free time after school.  It's wonderful that they have all this time to play with the neighbors, but they played with them for 5 hours on Saturday, so I think it's okay if we have a bit less time during the week.  So, we are visiting a gymnastics gym on Friday and I'm inquiring about swim lessons.  They both absolutely REFUSE to attend the stroke clinics sponsored by the summer swim team, but they are willing to do swim lessons.

Their Atrium finally starts on Tuesday.  The parish where it is held was affected by the flooding and the Atria all had to have repair work done on them.  I'm sure that the 2 hours per week that I have in a quiet space to pray, meditate, or walk will do me good.

Girl Scouts have started up.  Ramona's Daisy troop (of which I am the leader; well technically there are three of us co-leaders) has started up and the other co-leaders and I are wonderful complements to each other. After several weeks of trepidation and phone calls, the local 2nd grade Brownie troop has decided to admit Beezus as a member.  They already had their bridging ceremony and I'm sad Beezus will miss out on that, but I'm glad they decided to let her in.

I've ramped up my work schedule and am going to be ramping up more come January.  I had a big win last week before a regulatory body and that was fantastic and softened the blow a bit that I will have to work more if I want to keep this job.  In January, I'll be working about 3/4 time but still able to arrange my schedule (and the girls after school activities) so the girls only have to have a babysitter two afternoons a week after school.

Mr. Quimby and I had a date night last Saturday - it was only in the middle of it that I realized how much we need them.  Felt nice to have time together.

Reminds me that I need to find another babysitter so that we can schedule some more !

On one of my work trips - a dress from Gwynnie Bee.


Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

You look fabulous! So you posted yesterday about the weather and when I saw your post, I was sitting at The Bagel Place and I literally looked out the window and thought you'd gone crazy. Then I remembered that you're in CO. So glad to keep up with you here and on FB. LOVE that you're hiring help to unpack. Can't wait to hear more!

Unknown said...

Ellen! You are missed in DC, but I am glad that you are keeping busy and taking advantage of all life has to offer in your new neighborhood! :) Keep blogging! I miss you!

Peg said...

Love the dress! And the date night! I hate that feeling of immobility when you have so much to do...sounds like you have a plan going forward and I think that's a big start.

Glad to hear from you!!

{sue} said...

I'm so behind here but so glad to read this. You have lots on your plate - new community, lots of new job responsibilities. I'm also jealous of your laundry folding nook. I call mine, The Living Room.

Anyway - I know you are on a HUGE emotional roller coaster, but hang on on those rough days. I think you are doing amazingly!

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