Monday, September 16, 2013

Settling In

We are settling in, it seems.

The past week has found a few moments punctuated with joy, some free time, and some progress towards the never ending task of unpacking.

The girls love their school and their teachers.  Neither has been invited on a playdate or seems to have developed one special friendship, but that's okay.  They play all.the.time. with the neighbors - there are elementary aged children in ever house in our development, or at least that's what it feels like.  Five children next to us, aged 5 to 13.  Two behind us, aged 6 and 3.  Two diaganolly behind us, aged 10 and 6.  Frequently I come home from work or an errand and there are a total of 7 children in my house.

I love that.  As long as they always put their toys back where they belong !!!

We have an after school babysitter.  She is 20 and newly married and she and her husband are taking a semester off from college.  She is largely available as long as I schedule her in advance which is requiring additional self-discipline on my part.  I have no back-up which is nerve-wracking.  I really have to figure something out about that.

My next-door neighbor (the mom of the 5 kids) continues to be such a blessing in our lives.  She's calm and patient and just oozes goodness.  It's so clear to me that God prepared her especially for me !  Her life is full and busy and I don't think she has time for a BFF but she always has time to answer a question and have a short chat with me.

I rent an office in an executive suite about 20 minutes away from the house.  This has been such a god-send. There's a couple older women there that I chat with daily - both Denver natives they are a WEALTH of information on anything and everything I need.  I am so grateful for them.

I'm a co-leader of a Daisy troop with two other mothers.  Ramona is thrilled and I'm still searching for a Brownie troop for Beezus.

Our church is, well, amazing.  It's the church I've been looking for the past 15 years.  Large, vibrant, engaged, and oriented to social justice and inclusion - I'm excited and so grateful to be raising my children in this parish.  It's a Catholic "community" not a parish, so it draws from people all over the Denver metro area and not from within geographic boundaries as a traditional parish does.  It's a 25 minute drive door to door and with poor Ramona's car sickness, she throws up every time we pull in to the parking lot.  It's so sad !

Mr. Quimby is working from home and that works for him.  It's nice to see him when I'm home during the day.

As for me, I'm okay.  I'm mostly just lonely.  It's not so much that I'm missing something in particular, I'm just very aware that we don't have a village here.  Does that make sense ?  It's not that I miss the village in particular, it's that I know I don't have one that is so sad.  And I don't want to put a whole lot of effort in to making friends right now, I want it to occur more naturally and right now I'm focusing my time on the house.

I miss my village back in the DC/MD/VA area terribly.  It's acute and if I think about it for more than a few seconds, my heart starts hurting and my eyes start to sting with tears.  I alternate between thinking that I wish I had just had one more day with those people and thinking how grateful I am that I took opportunities to tell people what they meant to me.

It continues to be so lovely and easy to live here.  We've done our first family hike (when my sisters were here to visit for my birthday - more on that later!)  and after some of the areas have recovered from the rains and flooding we'll be back for more.  Traffic seems to flow well, lights are well timed, stores are well stocked with both good and lots of friendly and helpful workers.  The Recreation centers are amazing - the girls have become regulars at the local rec center's two story climbing wall and have both reached the top !

As I've mentioned several times to people, yes, we are happy here.  This was a very well researched move and there is everything here to make us happy.  Living across the street from the school has been a HUGE quality of life issue.  Both girls love getting to school BEFORE the first bell rings which means that almost every morning goes smoothly.

I feel like I'm rising up out of the thick oil that I've been trudging through, mentally and physically.  There are occasional days when I feel like my old self - often enough that I know they'll eventually be here to stay.


Anonymous said...

Your DC friends miss you too! But it really sounds like you did the right thing. I suspect your Denver village will be developed soon enough.

You're so strong. Love and miss you -- H.

Peg said...

So glad you guys are transitioning. You sound great. The nostalgia I'm sure will stay for a while. Glad you found a great church. It's another way you guys can establish yourselves there. Keep on staying positive! You are doing awesome!!

Maud said...

Time. That's all it will take. Just keep doing what you're doing, and time will provide the village.

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