Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Just an update: moving day

Packers came Saturday and the moving van came yesterday, Monday.

It was a terribly long day and they arrived at 8:30 in the morning and FINALLY pulled out around 9:30pm at night.

My dad flew up from Alabama to pick up the girls and take them back to Alabama with him.

I had plans for Mr. Q and me.  I thought the movers would finish around 2pm-3pm, then we would go to the hotel, shower, go out to dinner and have a nice romantic dinner before Mr. Quimby got on the road to start driving to Colorado.

Instead, we had pizza for dinner (with the movers) didn't get to the hotel until 10:30pm, and Mr. Q left for his drive the next morning at 5am.

I'm working this week and staying with a colleague who lives near my office.  Mr. Quimby should arrive in Colorado late Wednesday night and will handle the house closing on Thursday morning.

I'm working through Thursday and will then fly to Alabama to spend the weekend with the girls and my parents. In the meantime, we are hoping that the moving truck will arrive in Colorado over the weekend and Mr. Q will handle that.

The girls and I will fly from Alabama to Colorado on Monday and we'll all be reunited Monday evening.

The girls had a hard time with the chaos of the packers and the movers.  In fact, at times, it was downright unsafe to have then playing in the house or the yard while the movers were moving around.  I'm so, so glad that they went to my parents for this time of chaos !

I'm looking forward to settling in Denver and bringing some predictability back to our lives !

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Maud said...

What an end of an era. It must have been gut-wrenching leaving the house, just for that moment, and no matter how much you're looking forward to the new chapter.

It's a strange thing to be in between houses. Good luck with this week and the rest of your travels. You'll be missed in this part of the world.

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