Sunday, August 4, 2013

Acting Out

Until a few days ago, the girls indicated nothing but excitement for our move.  There was no talk of sadness, even though I told them that they could be sad.

They certainly saw me get teary and they also saw me talk excitedly about our move.  My common refrain (that I am sure to say loudly so they will hear) is: "I feel excited and nervous; and happy and sad."

But over the past couple weeks, Beezus (almost 8) has been pushing our buttons like there is no end.  Over, and over, and over again she is testing us and driving us crazy.  I assume that she is nervous about the change and is checking to make sure that our boundaries are still firmly in place.

In the past couple days, Ramona has sat at the edge of our backyard where the fairy house is and played a toy guitar, making up forlorn songs.  She has colored a picture of the view of the park from our back window.  And the saddest of all, she sat on the front sidewalk and cried.  Upon questioning, she said she didn't want to leave and she also didn't want to take a 2 hour plane ride to Denver.  As I was comforting her, Beezus piped in: "It's not a 2 hour plane ride, its a 3 hour plane ride."  (see paragraph on Beezus above.)

These girls were conceived in our house and they were brought home here after they were born.  I hope they remember it.

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Herself said...

I moved cities when I was B.'s age - she'll remember.

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