Thursday, June 20, 2013

Speech Therapy

Ramona has started speech therapy twice a week.  The goal is to get her "R" sound much improved before she starts 1st grade at her new school.  This is her second stint of speech therapy - the first was about 20 months or so ago.  Back then she refused to say her name because she couldn't pronounce it properly.   That sound was resolved in 8 sessions but this darned "R" is proving tougher to defeat.

For most of May, the speech language pathologist was coming to her school once a week.  But since camp started we've been going to see the SLP at her home office.

It's a lovely bit of peace during the day.  I get to sit still for 30 minutes and listen to Ramona chatter on.  She is so cleverly able to weave and shift situations to her advantage that the SLP really stays on her toes.  I also love listening to her stories - she likes having the undivided attention of the SLP and exaggerates the days events or her own accomplishments as means to impress her.

It's become a time of respite for me, sitting on the couch in the living room of my friend's house and listening to my child chatter.  Yet another thing I will miss.

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