Monday, November 5, 2012


I had a post all planned out for today, but I have to scrap it in favor of good news.

If you've been reading for a while, you know I've talked ad nauseum about how much I loved my previous career in student affairs / higher education at colleges and universities.  My most recent job in this field was at my undergrad alma mater, a religiously affiliated institution in a large metropolitan area.  I ran the Orientation program and was a student affairs generalist, advising a couple clubs, doing some programming, sitting on committees.  I also spent a fair amount of time with students who were having a hard time and helping them figure out how to put the pieces together.  One of the greatest joys were the 30 or students that worked for the Orientation program.  I really enjoyed the time I spent with them, particularly the ones who worked for Orientation for several years.

Several of these students still live in DC and I'm friends on Facebook with many of them.

I was tickled today to get a message from one of them.  She's have some professional challenges and asked if I would chat with her about it.  I feel sort of honored that she reached out to me.


Rachel et Natalie said...

You have talent my dear. When you talk to people, you have a way to reassure them and suddently their big problem does not seem that big at all. This is precious

Unknown said...

I really wish you could find your way back to campus for a job that meets your needs and needs of the students. It seems like your heart is there and this - and other acts - affirm that you were needed.

mom said...

I am SO happy for you! I hope this is a tiny window that is opening for a huge room of opportunities for you there!

Marya said...

She made a great choice to turn to you!

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