Saturday, November 17, 2012

On a Roll

My sister came over for dinner tonight, and since I had screwed up the dinner I had planned (what else is knew) I decided to make cocktails in the hope she wouldn't notice that we were eating dinner an hour later than I had said.

While waiting in the doctor's office a couple weeks ago, I was flipping through a magazine and saw an article about a country singer, Miranda Lambert.  She mentioned that she makes a cosmopolitan like cocktail that she calls a Mirandatini, which is rasberry Crystal Light, sprite zero, and vodka.  I filed that super simple cocktail away in my memory banks and pulled it out again tonight.

Par for the course, I didn't actually have any of the above ingredients except vodka.  So, I made what I am calling a Quimbytini: 1 part triple sec, 4 parts vodka rum, and 4 parts (or more or less to taste) of a cherry limeade mix dissolved in club soda.  For my sister and me, I used 1 oz. triple sec, 4 oz. vodka rum, and then 5 oz. of the cherry limeade club soda mix.

Holy smoly, it is good !  Really nice and bright red, but it might be a little too light tasting for some for winter.

Edited to add: My friend Therese pointed out that that it actually rum in the photo, not vodka.  All I saw was that it was a clear liquid, so I assumed it was vodka !

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Herself said...

Doesn't sound half bad.

Did you swap the vodka for rum for the photo?

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