Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Morning Prayers

For a while, I was in a good practice of praying before I got out of bed in the morning.  While I was stretching or snuggling Mr. Quimby, I would say a decade of the rosary.  It centered me and served as a reminder that my most important vocations, as a mother and wife, were first on the list that morning.  In addition to waking and dressing before the kids get up, it helped to get my day (and my family) off on the right foot.

While I still remember to pray throughout the day, most often in the car while listening to the psalms or other religious music - I've been snoozing the alarm instead of waking up when it goes off - and then there is no time for anything other than the quickest of prayers "Thank you for my life.  Help me to be a good mother today."  My day doesn't fall apart without the longer prayer, but I do feel not quite as centered.

I want to get back to this.  It feels good and right for me.

What about you ?  What do you do to feel centered in the morning ?


Maud said...

Well, I have to eat a bowl of cereal before I can function, but I don't think that's really what you mean.

Alison at Wardrobe Oxygen said...

I miss my morning centering. I used to do some sun salutations and then sit for a while and meditate/pray before I started the day. Life has been so crazy it has fallen off the radar. I think I was meant to read your post today, it's a sign I need this balance. Thank you!

Helen's mom said...

When I was in high school, my family had to meet in the living room at 6:30 AM to do a decade of the rosary. We took turns leading the rosary each week. It was a nice way to get us all out of bed and get the day started. Nowadays I tend to only do the rosary if I'm running or walking for exercise---which isn't happening often, unfortunately.

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