Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

This was the first year that we bought costumes for the girls off the rack at a regular store.  We had a great night hanging out with my sister and the girls love going trick or treating and staying on our porch and handing out candy.

It's really neat to see how independent they are this year: marching up to the houses, discussing who is going to ring the bell, not even looking back to check and see where their parents or auntie is.  What's equally interesting is how they handle their fears: Beezus taking a half-step back as the door starts to open, or Ramona discretely going inside the house when a scary mask comes up our front steps.

Beezus as Rapunzel (with Ramona's knight helmet).

Ramona as a knight (but she didn't want to wear the helmet).

We finished up our Halloween celebration with giving our extra candy to a neighbor collecting for American troops overseas.  I didn't put any number restrictions on the candy they could keep, just told them to only keep the candy they really, really liked and let's give the rest to the soldiers.   I was SHOCKED at how much they were willing to give away !

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mom said...

Happy Halloween!!! Trick or Treat!! No candies this way?

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