Monday, November 26, 2012


I spend a lot of my allocated internet time by commenting on other people's blogs.

If I spent more time "building my brand" I might actually be able to make a little bit of money off this blogging thing, but that time would have to come from somewhere and I don't want it come from commenting and reading other people's blogs.

I find it interesting when someone remarks "I don't know how you find time to read all those blogs.  I could never find the time."  I guess I understand if they are referring to random "reading around" on the internet, but I read a lot of blogs that my friends write because I care about my friends, I care about what they write, and it's a nice way to see what they are thinking about.

So, tonight, instead of working on my own blog post, I made sure that I took the time to comment on some blogs instead of just reading them and smiling to myself and thinking of my friend.


Maud said...

I think commenting actually is a really important part of "building your brand". If you comment regularly on other people's blogs, they're more likely to come and read yours. I try to make an effort to go out of my comfort zone and comment even on the blogs of people I don't know but really enjoy. Because I know that as a blogger, there's nothing nicer than a (nice) comment from a total stranger, even if it sometimes feels odd to leave one.

Laurie said...

I'm curious what your hopes are for your blogging life. Are you hoping to turn this in to a money maker one day or what does a blogging brand mean to you? It may have been an interesting question for NaBloPoMo...'why do we each blog?'

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