Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Casting a Wider Net

I got the chance to see some friends from high school last night.  I haven't seen these ladies since we graduated in 1991 and although we didn't keep in touch through the years, but we were able to reconnect recently through Facebook.  They both post thoughtful and/or funny things on Facebook and I was struck by how similar our thoughts were on different issues.  One of them likes to drink wine and the other likes to pray.  It's like it's me divided in to two different people !

I told them about this blog and gave them the address (Hello N. and L.K. !).  It's a scary thing, telling people in my real life about this space.  I want to keep this blog as a space where I can really talk about the things that matter to me, challenge me, scare me, or make me happy, and sometimes it doesn't always match up with the persona that I want to project in real life ;-(

I also went through my Facebook Friends list and shared my blog FB page with some IRL FB friends.  I really thought about who might understand this whole blogger thing.

So, I am careful who I tell.  I still don't want my neighbors or Mr. Quimby's and my extended families to know but I do want to widen the net, so to speak.  I hope that people read my entries tenderly and know that they represent a point in time, but not necessarily how I feel all the time.

And most of all, I hope they don't tell my neighbors and neighborhood friends !

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Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

I completely understand this! Good for you for branching out a bit. It's something I struggle with as well.

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