Thursday, November 8, 2012


My friend Not Maud has responded to a meme from some other Irish bloggers regarding what people did before they became a Mum.  I thought it sounded like fun to recall.

You all know what I did professionally, working in higher education.  I also got a master's degree while Mr. Q. and I were house parents in a sorority house.

We traveled a lot.  A whole lot, probably every other month.  Mr. Q would have a business trip and if it was someplace I had never been, or if I wanted to go, or if it was held at a nice hotel, then I would go.  We had developed a nice routine for traveling together.

We spent much more time than we do now visiting his family in Long Island and I would often go on my own to visit his/our niece and nephews in New Jersey.

I was much less organized then, for I didn't need to be.  I had all the time in the world.  I was a bit more conservative on the political spectrum, for I had not yet really met any people who struggled.  Becoming a mother and teaching ESL has made me a more thoughtful person, I think.

I also wasn't as nice to Mr. Q as I am now.  I hadn't yet figured out that taking a backseat to a decision or discussion wasn't the same as being subservient so I asserted myself at every.single.turn.

We worked on our house or on the yard all the damn time, it seemed like.

I also wondered, quite a lot, if I would ever feel ready to have a child.  And then, when I was ready, I wondered if Mr. Q would ever come around.

I'm awfully glad he did.


Laurie said...

Oh - I remember working on the house and the yard all the time. Now, I don't care if my yard turns in to a forest!

Marya said...

Interesting idea. I may steal this topic.

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