Sunday, November 18, 2012

Alabama via Southwest

The girls fly so often we don't even tell them where to go or what to do anymore. They know how to access the security line on the main floor at BWI and decide whether we should go downstairs to the under-utilized security line. They also know how to get from the gate to baggage claim in Birmingham by themselves.

Mr. Quimby and I think that they will be ready to fly to/from Birmingham by themselves next summer. So today I had them go into the bathroom as if they were by themselves. They passed my "test" with flying colors and Beezus even waited for Ramona and helped her wash her hands . . . with soap !

On the parking shuttle.


At Birmingham Shuttlesworth

As I have always done, I still dress them similarly when we fly.  It makes it easier for me to spot them and  keep an eye on them. 


Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

So adorable!

Silvia said...

I do the clothes too. My favourite are bright orange camp t-shirts.

And, washing with soap - huge, way surpasses expectations.

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