Friday, October 12, 2012

A Flash Before My Eyes

You know when people say "I saw my life flash before my eyes" when they have a near death experience ?

Well, tonight I saw my past flash before my eyes during an incredibly life affirming moment.

Tonight at Girl Scouts, we celebrated the bridging ceremony of girls
moving from Daisies to Brownies, the rededication of many the girls and leaders (including Beezus and me), and the investiture of a new Girl Scout, Ramona ! I was moved to tears as I pinned Ramona's Daisy pin on her vest.

I remember several of my Girl Scout experiences very vividly and I'm so happy to be serving as a Asst. Leader for all the girls, including my own.

I am so lucky and so very, very grateful.


Marcia said...

I so loved finding your post and reading about your girls moving from one girl scout level to the next. It reminded me of when my own daughters were younger and I was lucky enough to be their scout leader. These are some of the best years you will spend with your girls,ones they will hopefully always remember as fondly as you do. Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...


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