Thursday, August 30, 2012


I feel . . . content.  And while content may not be enough fireworks for some of you out there, I love content.

Our summer was busier than I had anticipated it being.  It was fine, and fun, but busy.  So, for the fall I'm clamping down on our lives.  I love routines and for the first time ever, I set my work schedule first and am then organizing the after school sitters and activities around my work schedule.  It's my ideal (M-W-F) with Mr. Q and I taking turns working from home on Mondays.

Beezus has started 1st grade at our local public elementary school and Ramona is in kindergarten at our private daycare/pre-school/kindergarten.  Their teachers for the past two years have been absolutely fantastic and a very tough act to follow.  The teachers this year aren't quite as experienced (they are both under 30) but are still good solid teachers and I am ever so grateful.

Even though we are barely approaching the end of the second week of school, I can see the type of learners they are.  Beezus has to spend time plodding through things in order to learn them and Ramona seems to pick up on new concepts at the drop of a hat.  It's times like these that it is so handy to have an early childhood education specialist in your family to figure out strategies if the need arises (my sister, Ah-na, as the girls call her).

Mr. Q and I are in a good place, I'm keeping up with the laundry, the house is (mostly) staying tidy, and now that it's cooler I'm cooking more again.  Our house is so small and the oven so old that it heats up the entire house when I use the oven.  It's lovely in the winter and absolutely SUCKS during the summer.

I gained weight in the spring when I was super busy and in a funk, and I gained more weight in Paris from all the cheese, bread, and champagne (even with all the walking).  I've developed plantar fasciitis in my foot which causes unbearable pain and I've had to take a hiatus from my beloved Jazzercise.  But I've got an exercise buddy for low-imact cardio, and have signed up for some yoga and pilates classes.  After my big community event in late September, I'll also sign up for weekly sessions with a personal trainer.

Our family had a lovely 5 day vacation at the beach in mid August.  It was the first time that we've had a really GREAT vacation.  We stayed in a suites hotel and indulged in  lots of fun things that they girls will never forget: candy stores, ferris wheels, ice cream parlors, sightings of wild ponies, and hair wraps.  Mr. Q and I had a nice time, too, and I think we were all just so grateful that everything went smoothly.

I'm feeling some pangs about my career, or lack there-of.  I have a job, and I have volunteer work that is incredibly fulfilling, and most importantly of all, Mr. Q and I are willing to sacrifice money so that I can be home more with the kids.  But still . . .  this time of year always brings about a great longing for my former fulfilling career working with college students.

But still content.

Ramona - First Day of School 2012

Beezus - First Day of School 2012
First Grade

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Elaine said...

You just reminded me that I have sessions with a personal trainer coming up. Definitely do yoga. I am so much stronger for doing yoga the past several months. My shoulders actually got broader and my arms can lift things they couldn't before. I feel so powerful. Wish Friday was a home day for you. But only because then we could get together on occasion! Have a great school year, Elaine

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