Thursday, June 28, 2012

Paris. Simply no words. (Alternate title- Paris: A Lot of Wine and Champagne)

There are simply no words to describe our visit here. It feels like a second honeymoon !

I've practically cried my way through Paris, I just can't help it. I get so moved when I see a place for the first time. I *almost* went in to the ugly cry as we were approaching the Eiffel Tower this morning, I was just so emotional. (But since we got really sunburned yesterday, we wore a lot of sunscreen today and I didn't want to smear it so I held back). When we stop and sit down at a cafe, I turn to Mr. Quimby and say "I just feel so happy. I can't believe I'm here, I can't believe the good fortune I have in my life."

I've asked him several times, "What does it feel like to make someone's dream come true ?" Because that is what he has done.

We've biked and walked and ate and drank our way across the city. In most places, a glass of wine is cheaper than a bottle of coke, and you all know how frugal I am, so . . .

We also have the good fortune that Mr. Q. travels a lot with work, so we have access to this lounge in the hotel that has soft drinks, water, and snacks all day long, and wine and champagne at certain times. It has breakfast in the morning as well and has been a big part of why our trip has been SO MUCH FUN because it makes things easy.

I have been speaking only in French to the French speakers. It's been so reassuring to feel how the French words pop in to my head at the right moment. I went to the pharmacie today because I realized I had forgotten my anti-perspirant, and although the pharmacist spoke to me in English, I kept speaking in French and said to him: "I would like to try and speak only in French, please." I wind up saying that to almost everyone, and it always elicits a grin.

Speaking of which, I think the State Department might add me to their payroll, because I am a one woman walking goodwill/friendship tour. Not to brag, but my efforts at speaking French and my smile (assumedly, but maybe the Parisians are laughing at me ?) are charming our way across Paris. We've gotten extra large pieces of bread at the boulangerie (bakery) and a super nice shopping bag at Adidas and at the Eiffel Tower shop. It's been shocking to me how nice almost all the people are.

The final glass of champagne is catching up to me, so I must end now. It stays light here until 10 or 11pm, so we have to trick ourselves in to thinking that it is nighttime.


Maud said...

So wonderful, I'm tearing up just reading it.

Glad to hear the weather's good (maybe too good?) and that it's easy to stay off the Diet Coke. You'll just have to wean yourself back off wine when you get home.

I was far too easily intimidated by the people who insisted on speaking English to me in Paris despite my reasonable high-school French. Good for you for persisting, and spreading sunshine wherever you go!

Elaine said...

Love, love, love!!!

Vickie said...

So wonderful! I am thrilled and overjoyed for you.

Janel Brennan said...

and now I am feeling sappy by just tearing up reading this! :) Love the updates!

Laurie said...


Laura said...

The State Department would hire you in a minute! I am so happy read about your trip now , as it occurred during the craziest part of our arrival/transition. So happy for you!

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