Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Continuum of the Pool

I like writing about the "firsts" in my children's lives.  A few days ago, I had a first in my mothering experience.

It was the first day that I ever sat outside the pool while my children were in the pool.  I didn't read a magazine and drink a diet coke as I had imagined before (I kept my eyes glued to them) but still.  It was a big deal.

I remember reading a post from Laundry for Six a long, long time ago about her exile in the baby pool.  At that time, I was still in the baby pool as well.  I can't believe that I've been blogging long enough (over 4 years) to have moved from the baby pool to the big pool to sitting out of the big pool.

I was flippant about it briefly in my head, but combined with the pretend death game my kids have been playing recently, this experience really reflects a growing independence on their part.  While I'm still mostly hanging out in the shallow end, I expect that next summer I might be hanging out in the middle of the pool, or (gasp) even at the deep end.

Some of my happiest times as a tweenager were the days my mother let me stay at the pool all afternoon hanging out.  It's so hard to think that one day I'll pull up to the door, drop the girls off and drive away !

It doesn't necessarily seem like yesterday that I was lugging an infant and a toddler to the pool, but it certainly seems like it easily could have been last summer.

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Rachel et Natalie said...

As I have a lengering cold which tunrned into a sinus infection, Rachel suggested that I take them to the pool and just watch them and do not come in the water with them. I might have to do that this week-end.

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