Saturday, June 2, 2012

Better Homes & Gardens?

It's still surprising to me that we can finally commit the same time and resources to our yard and garden that we used to. Before we had kids it was not uncommon for Mr. Quimby and I to spend 6 to 8 hours at least one day of the weekend, every weekend, working on the yard. Once Beezus was born all of that when out the window and we only were able to get to the bare minimum. So it was with great delight that this year we figured out that we could start spending more time in the yard again. And by we, I really mean Mr. Quimby. See, in our relationship there's a clear division of labor. I go to the store either Behnke's or Home Depot and I do all of the purchasing of the planting materials. I bring them home, Mr. Quimby unloads them from the car, and I put them in the approximate location where I want them to be planted. Mr. Quimby doesn't necessarily like all of the manual labor but he is really glad that I take care of all the planning and purchasing.

After the hard work of the late spring it was a real delight to come out of the house one evening and see everything looking so lush and fresh. I know it's not Better Homes & Gardens or anything like that (they would've taken the garden hose out of their photos!) but it still looks beautiful to me and I'm very grateful to Mr. Quimby for providing all of the manual labor !

Hydrangeas - planted about five years ago
Hydrangeas and the NEW walking path Mr. Q made this year.  Our neighbors THREE sheds/garages are in the background.
New raised bed built this year by a neighbor whose services we won at the  school's silent auction.  There is a small  rhodedendron there that will eventually be large enough to screen the trash cans that we'll put behind it.
Don't know what these are in the foreground, but we transplanted them from a  friend's yard last spring and I'm thrilled they survived. 
Another shot of the NEW walking path.  Those are groundcovers we planted on the right - a brand called Stepables.
Ecinachea (purple coneflower) and impatiens.
Another hydrangea.


Elaine said...

The unidentified plants are hostas. They are super hardy. I have a project on the west side of my house - which is full shade with pine trees growing - that will eventually result in many hostas replacing all the English ivy I've ripped out. You can cut these boogers in two or three pieces every 2 - 3 years to keep multiplying them. I'm a huge fan! And isn't it such a great year for plants around here. Reward, reward, reward!!

Laurie said...

I love the hydrangas. They give so much umph!

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