Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend recap

Have you noticed I'm trying to blog more regularly ?

What a delightful weekend we had.  After the scourge of a bad, bad cold/virus thing hit Mr. Q and I last week and made us lay on our couches/beds for days parenting with the tv, iPads, ordering dinner out, and directives to the children of "Hey, I think I hear the 2 year old neighbors and their kids outside.  Go out and ask if they can supervise you ?"  we rallied just in time for the long weekend.

And what a long weekend it was: We had some immediate family time, some time with extended family (a visit during which I bemoaned, why oh why don't I come to visit them more often, oh yeah, because they live 80 minutes away), some project time around the house (landscaping and basement de-cluttering), some fun time (hello pool !), and some prayer time.

A neighborhood acquaintance had invited me to a Sunday evening potluck and vespers (a short evening prayer service) gathering.  After unsuccessful attempts to convince Mr. Q to come, the girls and I went.  It was really nice to spend time with other Catholic families.  Very low key, very casual, and exactly what I needed.  Sometimes I feel very alone in my commitment to the Church combined with the questions I ask, and it was good to know that there are others who are committed to being Catholic in spite of the Church's imperfections.

I got rid of a broken dresser in the basement and re-arranged some other things to make more space for the girls to put on their "shows."  It's still amazing to me HOW MUCH STUFF I can get rid of, now that we don't have babies/toddlers anymore.  Also, Beezus and Ramona hardly ever play with toys, preferring pretend play, so we don't have to have a lot of toys on hand.

Mr. Quimby did a lot of yardwork this weekend.  It's also amazing to me how much project stuff we can get done now that the girls are older since they don't require direct supervision.

This was probably the highlight of the weekend: While the girls and I were visiting cousins in Virginia for the day, Mr. Q chopped down an un-necessary tree that was blocking light for the grass but not providing any shade for the house.  Mr. Q used his imagination and built this "yard lifeguard" chair.  The girls have been sitting in it, blowing pretend whistles and the pretend kids in the pretend pool, and having a great time.  Ramona stayed in there for 30 minutes.  After the initial chair warming, Mr. Q added an umbrella so now it's really like a lifeguard chair !  When I was annoyed at him for not coming to vespers, remembering this lovely gesture helped soften my heart.

Mr. Q and I watched the National Memorial Day Concert (taped concert from last year since this year's was cancelled due to weather) and I talked with the girls a little bit about soldiers.  They are still little, so we don't talk much about people dying with them unless it's directly relevant.

All in all, I'd say it was my best Memorial Day weekend ever !

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