Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pretending death

Beezus with the three babies she has to care for.

One of the new games the girls have made up is pretending that they are sisters whose parents have died and they have to take care of the three babies.  Ramona thought this up and Beezus happily played along.  It was mildly upsetting to me to hear them, and Mr. Q was more upset.  For the record, they didn't seem to be fazed by any sadness in the story.  It was just very matter-of-fact.

I thought about why they would invent such a game.  I decided that it was because they are testing out their abilities to care for themselves.  This game occurred on a weekend when Ramona prepared snacks for the family, Beezus fixed herself breakfast, and they both assisted in getting the family pool bag ready.  I wonder if they are feeling self-confident in their ability to care for themselves (and others) and are testing them out through pretend play.

Ramona with the "breast milk" that she carries around for the babies.


Helen said...

I have read that talking and thinking about death for kids this age is really normal, too. It's unnerving, though, I agree. My kids bring up their grandfather and their cousin who died all the time.

(Not) Maud said...

Sometimes you just have to figure out a plot device to get the parents out of the way.

But seriously, Mabel plays little "someone is dead" scenarios with her dollhouse people quite often, especially since her grandmother died in February. It's clearly her way of processing what is a very difficult concept.

Laurie said...

Zoe and Mia both talk about death in a really nonchalant way. It can be really uncomfortable at times and depending on the situation, but it seems really age appropriate.

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