Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's coming together

I *think* I've got our summer plans/schedule figured out:

  • a couple weeks getting bored at home with a babysitter on the days I work
  • a week at the grandparents
  • a few weeks of 3 day a week camp with friends
  • a family vacation to the beach right before school starts
  • lots of time for the pool in the afternoon (our pool gets shady around 3pm)

I also have some hopes:

  • spend some time with Beezus and Handwriting Without Tears working on her penmanship
  • visit a Prince George's County park once a week
  • get on a regular schedule with a teenage babysitter  and a tween mother's helper for a couple hours on my at-home days to force myself to work on my digital photos and scrapbooks
  • get on a regular schedule with the babysitting co-op so Mr. Q and I can go to the driving range once a week in the evenings
  • teach the girls how to play in the woods safely
  • learn how to play in the creek safely and let them do so
  • learn how to make people do things just by suggesting it on my blog (why, yes, this is a hint to my friend and reader who is a naturalist - see the two points above)
  • figure out a couple easy dinners to take to the pool (I want to go to the pool from 3:30pm - 6:30pm and have the girls eat an early dinner there)
  • there's a family in our hood who is having a little bit of a hard time.  I want to remember to call the Mom when we are getting ready to go to the pool and see if any of her kids want to come with us.

I think I've got the girls convinced to go to Gymkana camp. I Know they will love it and I am so grateful that they can go together. In these situations they depend on each other for comfort and reassurance and it's interesting to see the power shift since they are essentially equals.

Beezus and I might go to a 2 day sleep away Girl Scout camp, or maybe I'll just wait a year on that.

I'm going to camp too, Catechist camp. I'm going to an intensive training week to become certified to teach the religious education class that the girls take. There are two intensive weeks required to teach Level 1 (3-5 year olds) plus a LOT of reading. I love this method of religious instruction and I'm excited to get to learn more about it. .

What have you already figured out for your summer schedule and what are your hopes ?

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