Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's almost over

The controversial community issue I've been working on is almost over.  We've had the final days of the hearing, and the county council is expected to vote on it in the next month or so.  If they vote in favor of the zoning change (which I'm against) then our side will likely file an appeal.  If the county council votes against the zoning change (that's what I think they should do) then the other side will likely file an appeal.  Thankfully, I will be largely removed from those aspects of it.

It's been a fascinating experience for me.  I've met some really, really neat people that I would never have met otherwise.  I love my county and my neighborhood and love living here even more than I did before.  It's helped me to see that it is possible to raise our children here with good manners and graces.

I've also been bitten by the bug that is county politics.  While there might be a run for office in the distant future (after the girls go to college) it won't be soon.

What I am going to do now is try and explore more of my county.  It's so easy to default and do activities in the city or in the nearby MoCo, but my county has a lot to offer too and I want to get to know it better.

So, this summer, I'm going to try and explore a different county park every week with the girls.  I'll post a review here, based on the criteria I like to use for day trips.  Maybe I can even get a shout out on another local county blogger who blogs about our beautiful county !


Rachel et Natalie said...

so we will have a breasfeeing counselor who does politics too. Why not!

I like your idea about visiting a new park. Let us know if you'd like some company.

Laurie said...

It takes a lot to get so invested - it sounds like it's been an incredible learning experience. Kudos Ellen.

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