Sunday, April 29, 2012


Well, I did it.  For about 10 days, I followed the advice of a massage therapist (and the advice of my readers who commented) and I hibernated.  I still went to work and took care of the family (in fact I was actually super busy at work) but in my free time, I laid around on the couch, took some naps, and let the house get messy (we are well below the desired state at this point - there are unauthorized piles EVERYWHERE of papers and/or clean laundry).

It worked - after about 10 days I felt better.  I could literally feel the fatigue lift last Sunday afternoon.

I'm going to be more careful about this in the future and really try, especially in January and February to ratchet down and do some hibernating.  Oh, and I'm also going to go and see the massage therapist more regularly since she gives such good advice !

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