Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Wednesdays are one of my favorite days of the week.  I'm home all day with the girls and don't usually have to do much work.

Ramona and I often spend the morning engaged in pretend play.  When she wants me to be her mom again, she says "Pause Game."  It's usually some variation on school, with both of us taking turns being the teacher.  We occasionally run an errand or two, and will often stop for a special treat along the way.

We walk together to the elementary school to pick up Beezus, and they both play on the playground for a bit.  Then we head home, Beezus finishes her lunch, and then it's just playtime, sometimes inside, sometimes outside, sometimes at the park, sometimes at home.  Sometimes the 10 year old girl down the street will come down and take them to the town playground that is essentially in our back yard.

The girls only have 1 activity per week after school, and I love that we have all of Wednesday afternoon free. I am all too aware that this time is fleeting - next year Ramona will be in school five days a week and I will only have them in the afternoon.

Also, I thought of Susan and Peg's sister today.  Ramona asked me what she would do if I died and Beezus died and she (Ramona) didn't know how to cook.  I re-assured her that I will not die until I am very, very old and very, very sick and by then she would know how to cook.  She asked me if there were houses in heaven and if we would live in the same house.  I told her that we would find each other.

I like Wednesdays.


Laurie said...

I love that response...that you would find each other. I like to think that too. Very comforting.

Peg said...

Funny she mentioned houses in heaven. If you ask Liam where Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Mike are he says they are in heaven because their house died. They had to go with it and that's why Molly and Emma live with us. It's his five year old brain's way of trying to understand a pretty messed up situation.

We had a lovely Wednesday too with no practices AT ALL! Hooray!

thanks for the shout out!

Elaine said...

Good times, good times.

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