Thursday, March 15, 2012

Delightful Mischief

I was abrupt with the girls tonight. I was frustrated by the babysitter's reports that Beezus had behaved badly this afternoon, frustrated with the untidy house, and worried about how much work was ahead of me for the evening. I raised my voice (but I didn't yell), wasn't sympathetic when I could have been, and expected too much of two tired girls.

It has been awhile since I have felt this way. It surprised me.

Tomorrow is another day. The girls are full of talk of what mischief the leprechauns will get in to. Ramona talked for 45 minutes non-stop this morning speculating what they will do at school and what they will do at home. She worried about who would have to clean it up if they made a mess.

So, I will tidy up the living room and the breakfast room, put decorations on the door, and re-arrange the dollhouse furniture. The leprechauns will have explored the dollhouse, you see. We'll have waffles on shamrock plates for breakfast and I'll tell them the real story of St. Patrick.


Maud said...

You did that today? And you didn't tell me about it in person? You were afraid I'd be all righteous indignation, weren't you?

Helen's mom said...

Don't forget to add a little green food coloring to those waffles. We'll be having green pancakes and green milk for dinner because hubby won't be home for breakfast as he'll be out with his marathoners bright and early.

Also yummy for lunch is kelly green cream cheese on bagels.

So fabulous to see you today. Thanks for coming!

Rachel et Natalie said...

it does happen even to the best moms

Marya said...

I believe it was a certain TSM that told me once, "When we loose our patience with our children it allows us to teach them forgiveness." Tomorrow is always another day.

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