Friday, March 9, 2012


Ramona is in to making "burrows" the past couple weeks.  Making a burrow involves piling blankets under and on top of herself and then also having a couple stuffed animals in there for her babies.  The darker the better, since burrows are supposed to be underground anyway.

I was planning to work from home today and then when she threw up a bit this morning, I was grateful that I had already planned to stay home today.

So, here she is, snoozing away.  She hears me if I leave the room or ask her a question, but she is getting some much needed snooze time. 

I like having her home with me, even while I'm trying to put in a full day's work (which for me is 6 hours).  So comforting to have a little warm body near by.

In other matters, I can feel Beezus getting older and pulling away from me.  It's not just the physical things like not wanting to hold my hand or hug in public, I can sense less emotional neediness on her part.  A girl in her class, K. whom she really likes is being unkind to her, going so far as to say that "my mother says you are selfish."  Lordy, Beezus may be a lot of things, but selfish is last on the list.

So, we're inviting a different child, E. over to play on Saturday.  It should be interesting.  Her parents seem to be very different from Mr. Q and I, at least on the surface, so I'm curious to see how it goes.  I don't know if playdates with casual friends are a part of their world and her parents seem protective, so I invited one of the parents to come with E. so that they could all feel comfortable.  There's no way that I would drop Beezus off at someone's house that I didn't know well, so it all makes sense.

My little bunny is stirring in her burrow and my work e-mail just dinged, so I should go !


Laurie said...

Hope the play date went well.

And, I think this is the sweetest little picture. I looked right at it and didn't see her at first all curled up.

Marya said...

A couple things.

1) Love the solution to bring over another friend. What clam and clarity you showed. I would have had to resist the urge to go punch the other mother in the face. I like your solution better.

2) LOVE that she is actually sleeping/resting in the burrows. Crazy cute.

3) I know it feel like Ramona is pulling away and in some sense she is because she is asserting her independence and trying to find her way in the world. However, the more she pulls away the more she needs to know you are there guiding, watching, and ready to catch her. I am constantly torn between marveling at how big and amazing David is and wanting him to curl up on my lap with his head nuzzled on my neck. It scares me that this tension will only grow stronger with time.


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