Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Behind the Times

Mr. Quimby and I LOVE the reality shows on Bravo.  Our favorites are Flipping Out and Tabatha's Salon Takeover and I love Real Housewives Beverly Hills and New York (the others are just so trashy and the DC Housewives was soooooo boring), but Bethenny is my hands down favorite. I'm working on another blog post about her. For my non-tv watching readers, you should know that all these shows aren't on at the same time.  They have mini-seasons (maybe 13 episodes ?) and while I LOVE my tv time, I probably only watch 4 hours a week.  I'm just now watching the season finale of Flipping Out in preparation for the new season, and I have something to say.

It is so refreshing to hear Andy Cohen give Jeff the stink-eye and say out loud that Jeff goes too far. I cannot even stand how rudely he speaks to everyone !

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Marya said...

I am currently hooked on the Voice. It was the blind auditions that did it for me.

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