Tuesday, February 7, 2012

whyMommy aka Susan Niebur

My friend has died.  My beautiful friend, who has a husband and two little boys, family, friends, and thousands of others who care for her.

I tried explaining to a non blog reader today why Susan Niebur means so much to me.  I could tell she was trying to understand, and she hugged me when I got teary talking about how I spotted Mars and Jupiter last night using the Night Sky app on my husband's iPad, but it just didn't click for her.  Maybe it doesn't make sense to you dear reader either: how thousands of us could mourn a woman whom we never met in real life. 

And that's okay if my friend, or if you, don't understand.  It's hard to understand.

But see, we KNEW "whyMommy" her through her blog Toddler Planet.  We read her hopes, her fears, and her funny stories.  She read my blog and commented several times.  We shared a religion and I had a religious experience in her presence.  I even ran in to her in the thrift store one time, for God's sake.  Don't try to tell me that wasn't divine intervention !!!

On Sunday in church, we sang a hymn and one line referenced "falling into the comfort of the arms of the Lord."  For a long time, I prayed for physical healing, for new treatments, for more time for whyMommy to have with her family.  Then I added more prayers for comfort, for peace.  But this past Sunday in church, that line stuck with me all that day and I prayed that she would feel the comfort of the arms of the Lord.

There are many, many other bloggers out there who can write about her far more eloquently than me.  So, I'll just say this.

She had an impact on the way I mother my girls.  I will never forget her.  I will always remember her family in my prayers.


Herself said...

It is so sad - she'll be missed by many.

Andrea said...

A beautifully written way to remember. Thank you for sharing.

Helen said...

I'm so sorry Mrs. Q.

Helen's Mom said...

Just came over to your blog planning to give you a hard time because we hadn't heard much from you so far this year. Now I wish you hadn't had a good reason to post this week. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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Rachel et Natalie said...

I am not familiar with her blog but I can understand that some strangers/acquaintances can have a big impact on our life. Sorry for your loss

{sue} said...

This is beautiful and captures so well how close we can be to people that we don't even see that often. Closer than people we see every day, even.

I haven't even been able to read any blogs since. I'm not ready to move forward.

Peg said...

I'm really sorry for your loss.

Marya said...

It is so true that we all get to know each other in a different and amazing way through blogs. I am so sorry for your loss and the loss to the greater community.

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