Wednesday, February 15, 2012

(not) actively plagiarizing

I've tried over the years to explain why I feel so compelled to blog.  I can appreciate that it's tough to understand.

Today, I clicked over to check on how Susan/WhyMommy's best friend, Canape Sun was doing.  I found this post on her blog about grieving and blogging and thought it explained why I blog the things I do.

Here are some quotes that spoke to me.  It's not actually plagiarizing if I'm giving credit, right ?

"The thing is, by laying out the grief here, I am better able to pull myself together in real life."


"I will hit publish, be comforted by the wisdom and compassion of so many people who take the time to share it with me. Then I will close the laptop, get up, and go on with life."

I'm not grieving in the same way that Canape Sun is, but the reasons for the blogging are similar.

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Rachel et Natalie said...

it was indeed always nice to be comforted by friends

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