Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions and Plans: 2012

Although I want to go back and do a Christmas round-up and a year end recap, I'm feeling inspired to think about organizing and de-cluttering today.

While I don't write on my own blog as often as I like, I read ALL of the blogs on my blog roll at least every 2-3 days.  I left a longish comment on The Unclutterer today, so I thought I may as well turn it into a post here.

In addition to all of my personal resolutions, I have some organizing/de-cluttering resolutions.

I ended 2011 on a high note by getting my basement sewing area set up.  I created a counter high sturdy surface for my sewing machine, so I can work on something even when I only have a few minutes here or there.  For now, this area is sufficient as I have promised myself to not purchase more fabric or supplies until I am actually ready to begin a project.  I want to make 2-3 more baby doll slings, curtains for the girls room, a patch for the rip in my sofa, and a cover for our light colored ottoman.

Sort through my collection of vintage linens.  Some were my grandmother's (and I have one that was from my great-great-grandmother), some from a friend, and some were collected from the thrift store.  I will commit to sorting through these, keeping only 1 vintage table-cloth per season/holiday or those things that I can identify a use for right now.

Get two prints framed and hung in my bedroom.

Sort through my china cabinets, designating one for informal things and 1 for formal things.  I've already sorted through my over-flow/party/entertaining cabinet(s) in the basement.  Yes, that was plural.  In my defense, we have a really, really small kitchen so the things that most people keep in their kitchen I have to keep elsewhere.

Do something about my home office.  In addition to my day job that I get paid for, I have several other community/civic things that I do that require physical storage space: teaching ESL, Girl Scouts, and the clothing co-op sale.  The home office system I currently have doesn't work great because it lends itself to getting cluttered when things get busy.  I had planned on getting another Elfa system for my home office (which is in a corner of a guest bedroom/play room) but the return on investment isn't great enough to warrant it.  So now I'm thinking of using Ikea Billy bookshelf height extenders and just setting them on top of the desk, but honestly, that's going to look sort of crappy, so I think I'm going to have to make do with what I have.  I really, really want those Elfa shelves though.

My closet/bathroom/linen closet is a disaster.  I still haven't packed away my summer clothes and unpacked my winter clothes.  This really needs to be addressed soon, and might even happen tonight since Jazzercise is cancelled.

I hate to say it, but I need to sort though the girls books, games and puzzles.  We have too many in all categories.

What about you ?  Do you have any organizing/de-cluttering resolutions ?


Elaine said...

I just did a major toy sort of the main floor, and Ed tackled the basement. My office if completely full of toys that are leaving. The only other project left is the craft room - and we've cleared out there, too, but will hire someone to do some work refurbishing the walls before getting everything organized in there. Good luck!

herself said...

Constantly going through stuff. Kid's room definitely needs a going over after Santa's visit.

My main resolution for 2012 is not to bring the sxxt in in the first place.

Rachel et Natalie said...

I do not make a list of things to do, too hard to look at it.
But recently I was proud to finally realize a big project (at least to me), select among Rachel's last 6 years drawings the best ones, take pictures of them and create a picture book with all these. I did that in December,which explains why I did have lovely Xmas cards made with pictures of the kids> Oh well I hope friends and family will forgive me.

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