Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Round-Up

I like doing a week-end round up.  It's satisfying to reflect on what we did and will be fun to read in the years to come.

Here are the things we did:
  • Family movie night (consists of watching the same 30 minutes of tv that they always do, but with the lights off and while eating popcorn).
  • Daddy/Beezus trip to Home Depot
  • Mommy/Beezus errands (Ramona almost always chooses to stay at home)
  • Mass
  • Photo shoot (a photographer came to our house - we've never had photos taken anywhere but JCPenney)
  • Raked leaves
  • Bike ride
  • Played at the park with a neighbor
  • Played at the playground with a different neighbor
  • Mr. Q cleaned out the gutters (he is a pro and gets up on our two flat roofs with the leaf blower)
  • Family dinner at a restaurant
Beezus and I went to our first Girl Scout meeting.  It is going to be a very good practice for me in terms of not being in charge (I'm just a co-leader) and in things not being planned out fully.  It's a very diverse group of girls in many ways, and most of the moms seem to be very low-key.

Not quite as much project work as in weekends past, but still enjoyable nonetheless !

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Rachel et Natalie said...

tell us about the photographer
We had semi-pro pictures taken when Rachel was 1 year old. She was a friend of the group and she was so good.

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